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Cover Aestas 2016 - Fabula Press Short Story Competition

Aestas 2016

Aestas 2016 is an anthology of sixteen tales compiled from the eponymous global short story competition. The collection features some established, award winning authors as also fresh voices sharing their vision of the world that is, and the world that could be, through the shorter form of the written art.  Telling stories from Asia to the Americas, the genres are wide and  cut across  time  and circumstances but masterfully touch pockets of space that we all inhabit. Welcome to that special space, in Aestas 2016.

Edited by Anirban Ray Choudhury with cover illustration by Anisha Bhaduri, this book presents the works of Katy Wimhurst, Haydon Rochester Jr, Elvis  Hadzic, Katherine Pringle, Pia Ghosh-Roy, Patrick Martin, Jeffrey Cravens, Andrew Mayne, Rebecca Lloyd, Mark Fabiano, Jen Knox, Elena Croitoru, Andrew Peters, Keya Guimarães, Jeffrey Manton and Eric Van Meter.





Nivalis 2016

An anthology of contemporary short fiction, this collection has been gleaned from a global literary competition judged by an international jury, and features the works of award winning authors as also fresh voices exploring a range of characters, plots, and themes. From a child’s perception of loneliness to a grown woman’s understanding of what has been risked and lost, from a youth’s crisis with identities and the future to the portrait of an old couple with the weight of history to bear, or from the three perspectives on one lotto win to a witty, sublime parable on the absurdity of war, the stories in this collection strive to explore each feeling, every emotion.

Edited by Anirban Ray Choudhury with cover illustration by Anisha Bhaduri, this book showcases the works of Christopher Howard, Daniel Franklin, Diane Thomas-Plunk, Helen de Burca, Linda Maclennan, Louise Mangos, Michelle Elvy, Patrick Weldon, Peter Higgins, Peter Newall, Richard Buxton, Robin Bailes, Sam Calcutt, Timothy O’Leary, and Thomas Ang.


Fabula Press Aestas 2015 Short Story Anthology

Aestas 2015

In Kenya, Africa, a group of convicts break out of prison. A ship sinks off the coast of South Africa in 1782. In a small coastal town, Long John the mini-man seeks an identity. In England, Tom and Charlotte move into a new home. A young man in Ukraine struggles with hunger and pride while in distant Samoa, love blooms …

Fourteen stories, from all over the world. Fourteen voices, fresh or known, including Timothy O’Leary, Caroline Mbaya, Richard Larson, Lela Tredwell, Kristen Falso-Capaldi, Lucy Brown, Peter Newall, Andrew Stiggers, Fred McGavran, Bruce Campbell, Mark Patton, Siobhan O’Tierney, Hannah Persaud, and Wilson F Engel III.


Fabula Press Nivalis 2015 Short Stories Anthology

Nivalis 2015

Picking up from where Aestas 2014 left off, Fabula Press’ anthology Nivalis 2015 takes the reader away from the sweltering heat of aestas to the savage, biting chills of winter. With narratives ranging from the wildly fantastic and surreal tale of Juki and her snowflakes to the terror laden allure of the unknown, or from the hope and despair of post war Britain to the unexpected reconciliation of a modern era family, no wintry mood is left unexplored in these pages. Plucking away at the strings of imagination, and whispering out twelve winters from around the world are a dozen voices, old and new, including Gráinne Murphy, Donald Leroy Roberts, Zanda Pilate, Andrew Mayne, Joanna Vandenbring, Steve Wade, Anne Foster, Ron Hayes, Meltem Naz Kaso, Erica X Eisen, Arthur Carey and Lauren D’Ambra.


Fabula Press Aestas 2014 Short Stories Anthology

Aestas 2014

From the wintry streets of Sweden to the scorching pavements of Greece, eleven writers unravel the mysteries of summer with a whiff of life, love and sometimes loss meandering through as a moment gone. Ranging from the fantastic fable of the Halperins to the stoic saga of Geronimo Hawk, or from the savage melancholy of dotage to the cruel innocence of childhood, tales from established, award-winning writers jostle with fresh voices for attention in these pages, as together they explore the sad and merry winds of aestas.

Featuring Steve Wade, Sofia Mostaghimi, Alison Miller, Dawne Gowrie Zetterstrom, Wilson F. Engel III, Anne Foster, Oliver Snelgrove, Rena Robinett, Marina Marinopoulos, Katie Avagliano, Brett Alan Sanders.